I'm wondering what you might know about the TAFFET family in Debica. My husband's great-grandfather, Joseph Jacob TAFFET, was born circa August 1861 in "Austria-Hungary", which as I understand it would be a proper location for Debica during that time period.

One Richard Taffet with whom I communicated several years ago led me to believe that my husband's great-grandfather was from Debica/Dembitz, and that he had a brother named Asher. By the way, could you explain the relationship of the terms Debica and Dembitz? Do they mean the same thing, or do they refer to different villages that were very close to each other, or something else?

This week I established contact with descendants of Asher. I don't know for a fact if our lines are connected, but I have no reason at this time to think they aren't.
What might you be able to tell me about a Joseph Jacob TAFFET who married a woman named Fannie (don't know her maiden name). Most of their children were born here in the US, but a son named Dave (or perhaps David) was born in Europe before the family came here.
If you have no source of information yourself, can you suggest an inexpensive and reliable method of obtaining information?
By the way, I saw the letter by a Michael Taffet on your website -- says he was born in Debica. Any idea who his parents are/were?


Mary Taffet

My grandparents came to the US from Dembitz before 1911.
My grandfather was Abraham Daar and his wife was Feiga Taffet. They had three children, whose descendents now number about 25. (If people are interested I can make a family tree.)
On the Taffet side, my cousin Mike (Isidore) survived the camps and came to the US after the war. He presently has a claim outstanding for the apartment building which was owned by his father before the war.

Other Daars I have contacted include Henry Daar of Chicago whose Grandparents also came from Dembitz, and Moishe Daar who was born in Dembitz, and grew up in France, escaped from France during the war and is now a psychiatrist residing in Switzerland. His daughter recently recently married a Swede who is taking the name Daar.
Judith Daar, Berkeley, CA USA

A letter from Mr. Michael Taffet