31 Aug 1998

My father was born in Dembitz in 1890 ( I have his birth certificate). He came to the U.S. with his family when he was about 12 years old. They settled in the lower East Side of Manhattan. After two years the family decided they liked Dembitz the way it was. My father refused to go back and they left him here at the age of 14. They came back again a few years later and stayed in NYC.
My father served in the AEF during World War 1.
His siblings were Paul, Rose, Anna Zinn. His name was Max Zinn. I am trying to find any history and if he had any relatives left in Dembitz.

My father, Max Zinn originally from Dembitz is buried in Mt. Hebron Cemetery. The plot is under " Zimmerman/Solow/Zinn
Your help would be appreciated.

Stanley Zinn