Dear Israel,

I have recently learnt that my father's family came from Debica, and wonder if you have ever come across any reference to them.
My grandfather, Menachem-Mendel Wulwik was born in 1882, and left Debica at the turn of the century, eventually moving to Prague. His parents lived in Debica, until the Nazis killed them in W.W.II. Although our family name is Wulwik, My grandfather's name was originally a double barrelled one :- Wulwik-Kamelhaar. As far as we know, the name was double barrelled because the family was either too poor to register a marriage with the civil authorities, or there was some unrest in the area which prevented them from doing so. My great-grandfather's name was Yeshayahu Wulwik-Kamelhaar. All we know about him is that he taught in a some form of Hebrew School and was almost blind.

Recently, we also have made contact with another family of Wulwiks who came to New York in the 1920's but have been unable to find the exact link between our branches. They thought that their branch had originated in Galicia as well.

The only other information that I have, is that an Isaac Wulwik landed in New York in 1901, and his point of departure was listed in the ship's manifold as Debica. So far we have not been able to trace his connection to us.

Clive Wulwik