My grandfather, Joseph Wisniewski, immigrated to the United States in 1903 when he was just 16-18 years old (not sure).
He indicated on his naturalization papers for U.S. citizenship, that he was born in Dembica Poland and that this was his last known town of residence before he arrived in the U.S.
His father and mother, who I assume were living in Dembica at the time, were namef Walenty and Josephine Wisniewski. Someday I want to get to Poland and research his family. Now I know where Dembica is located.
However, I do have a question. He also indicated at that time that he was from Russia. However, Poland did not exist as a country at that time. Parts of it were Austria (Galicia), Germany, and Russia. Would Dembica have been considered to have been in Russia? I have searched for a map at that period of time (turn of the century) that would indicate what parts of Poland were in Russia. That is another thing that confuses me. If Dembica was not considered Russia, why did he list it as his town and then also indicate he was from Russia?
There are so many questions and not many answers right now. But I was so excited to find your web site!

I live in Texas in the USA. My name is Mary Jo Kuskie (maiden name was Wisniewski).