April 2001

Recently, I came across the family history. My great great great grandmother, Idell Heilweil married Yitzrach Weber and lived in Premszyl (I think I spelled that right) around 1850.
My great great grandmother was Hannah Weber, and she married Hersh Lazar Boxer and moved to Dembitz. They had nine children. Rose (my grandmother) Sidney, Ida, Sara,Dan,Walter, Sophie,Abraham, and Louis. My grandmother and great uncle Sidney were definitely born there.
We know that there were cousins in Dembitz at the start of the war. With the last name of Weber and Bogner (Leib Bogner).
My paternal grandfather Shmuel Sackler (Samuel Seckler here) was born in Radomysl-Wielke. He had a sister Elka.
That is all I know. I am trying to gather as much info as I can for my little one.He's seven. I want him to know of his family, and as much about Shoah as possible when he's old enough. I've been in the Jri Poland site, but I keep hitting brick walls. iI know that my great great grandparents did come here, with all the kids, but its DEFINITE that my grandma was born there, and there was family there at the start of the war. Your website has moved me beyond words. The thought that my family might be in that cemetery with the destroyed gravestones (and worse) is very upsetting.
If there's anything you know, or anything you can find out, let me know at
Thank you so much for all you have done. You are "landsman" as we say here!!! You see, my grandmother died here in America before I was born, and my grandfather when I was two.
I never got to know them, and I think my son has the right to know as much as he can, and to understand the holocaust so it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!

Much love from America...

Lisa Seckler-Roode
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