April 2001

My Maternal grandfather, Leon Chaim is from the Rzeszow-Debice area.
He spent his adult life in Krakow and Katowice however.
His mother's ( my maternal ggrandmother) maiden name was Taub.
My grandfather emigrated to the US after the Holocaust but had lost contact with many members of his family who had emigrated to the US earlier in the century. He was the only survivor in his immediate family, most of whom remained in the Debice-Rzezow area.

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Hi Israel,
Yes, we are related, but probably at least 4 or 5 generations upward, as this part of our family left Debica 3 generations ago. I first contacted Shlomo, who gave my address to his sister Amalia, who currently lives in the States, and she called me about 3 weeks ago. We checked all known connections together, and she got all the details I could give her, including your site.

September 6, 1999
Dear Mr. Perker:

My name is Amalia Taub , My family came from Crakau Poland. I do not have much information about the Taub family since my father never wanted to tell us. I have a brother Shlomo Taub living in Israel. My father was Chaim Hirsch Taub born in 1904 in Crakau. He had two brothers Michael David Taub, and Mottle Taub. My Grandfather was Shlomo Taub born in 1878 near Crakau.My great-grandfather was Naftali Hersch Taub married to Hinda Lea Fendler. The only information my father left with us was that his family came from Dembitza Poland. I will be very greateful for any information or contacts you have .



Date:Thu, 12 Dec 1996

Israel, Shalom!

My name is Jenny Taub, and I am the daughter of Joseph Taub (son of Natan Taub) from Debica. I live in Jerusalem, and would be delighted to exchange information with you. As a matter of fact, we held a first meeting of all the remaining great-grandchildren of Moshe Taub, Natan's father, ... only yesterday, and it is a pity that I found this site only today.

I was born in Paris after the war, and came to Israel 20 years ago. I have 3 first-cousins in LA (USA), 2 in Israel, as well as several 2nd-cousins, and I have an enormous genealogic tree which goes back 5 generations (although I don't have much information about the 2-3 first generations, and none at all beyond that). Part of the information I received from my late uncle, part from other living relatives (my own father never spoke much about all this), and part, of course, from the Debica book.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Jenny Taub

Sun, 26 Apr 1998

My name is Mark Taub. My father, David Taub, was born in Dembitz July 16, 1923.
We both live today in Dallas, Texas
. We have been back to Dembitz three times in the last 6 years, most recently in November 1995.
My father's immediate family was as follows:
Sisters-Feige and Salka
Twin Brother and Sister

Only my father and his brother Joachim (Jack, who currently lives in Miami) survived the war.
My family was in the wholesale egg business before the war.
While we were in Dembitz we obtained some interesting archival documentation (School Report Cards, Voter Registration Lists, Page From Pre-War Dembitz Telephone Book) that I would be glad to share with you.
Your website is excellent.


My father was Morris (Moshe) Taub born about 1885; mother was Pauline (Pesl) Mahler. They emigrated from Dembitz to New York about 1904. My fathers father was Jacob Taub and had a position at the synagogue as an adjudictor.
We are trying to collect as much family and data as is possible to acquire, about both families. Any assistance you could provide would be much apprecited. If you would find more information from our end helpful please ask.
We reside in Seattle, although my chldren are in Illinois and Maryland USA.

July 25 1999