Thu ,18 april 1996
Att : Israel Preker
From : Linda Sokol McAdams

Subject : Debica

My name is Linda Sokol McAdams and I live in Overland Park ,KS, USA.
My Great Grandfather was born in Debica ...his name was Bernhard Sokol...he had a brother named Thomas Sokol.
Thomas came to the USA...Bernhard did not. But Bernhards two sons Thomas and Josef came to the USA to help their uncle on the farm he started in Dunean, Nebraska. He paid their fare to the USA for Their labor on his farm.
I am the great grand-daughtor of this nephew Thomas. This is a Catholie, Polish family I believe.
Thomas and his brother Josef came to the USA in 1888. They were the product of their father's second marriage. Bernards first wife bore him four children who never left Poland, Peter, John, Louis and an unnamed sister. The children of these parents were: many no ed Thomas, many named John and Many named Michael.
When this family came to the USA they started a ehureh in their new town..they named it St. Stanislaus. I feel they probably save a Catholie church Connection in Debica. Many family members tell me that the name SOKOL is not abbreviated. The original Polish name is in fact SOKOL.
I have also been warned that SOKOL is a fairly common name in Poland. I do feel certain that I have family still living in this region. ;
From the research I have performed I have been told that only the wealthy nobility have church records documenting births and deaths and ansestory. Peasants life records were never documented. I do not know if thAs family were nobility or Commoners.
However...if they were Commoners the only Connection I could ever make is the old passed down stories in the families that could make the connection.

Thanks again for corresponding,

Linda Sokol MeAdams
Overland Park, KS, USA