March 1, 1996

Israel Preker
P.O. Box 43276
Tel Aviv, Israel 61430

Dear Mr. Preker,

I received your letter with interest. Unfortunately I don't know that much about my ancestors in Debica (Dembica, Dembitz).
My father's father was Morris Shield, from Debica;
His mother was Beila Schild (he took her surname) and his father was Saul Honig (both his parents were presumably from Debica).
There is a yiskor book on Debica called "Sefer Dembitz", which was published in 1960 in Tel Aviv.
If you haven't already looked at it, it is available at the library at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (call number T374),
but it may be available at some library in Tel Aviv.
I did find some Prekers listed in this book, and have copied this section for you.
It would be worth going through the book, however, since it may contain some descriptive material relabng to your family.

There is a book called "A Guide to Jewish Genealogical Research in Israel" by Sallyann Amdur Sack, which was just published in a revised edition in 1995, which is worth consulting if you haven' t already .
You can write to Esther Ramon, the president of the Israel Genealogical Society, at 50 Harav Uziel Street in Jerusalem for a copy of this book or for further advice.
This book does list current "Landsmanschaftn" in Israel, but it unfortunately does not list any existing organization for Debica.

I hope that this is of some help to you.
If you ever come across anyone from Debica who has knowledge of any Honigs or Schilds, I would of course be deeply indebted.

Good luck!

Joel D. Shield