Schultenfrei / Shuldenfrei

Mr Preker,
It was quite exciting to find all the information about Debica.
My father is 91 years old and is fading slightly. Last night at his birthday he, for the very first time as far as my brother and I can remember, showed interest in Dembitz.
The complicated part is that when my father came to the States in 1921 he took his mother's last name (I do not know if this was her maiden name or the name of her first husband who had passed away). In any event my father's father's last name was Schultenfrei (you seem to have some people listed with that name already and they may be relatives). By the way please explain the use of the words Debica and Dembitz.

Thank you very much,
Naomi Silvergleid


My husband found your web site after looking up information about Dembitz.
My father, died of a sudden heart attach, in 1995 was born in Dembitz in 1921. He was the only survivor of his family.
While going through his things, I came across the Book of Dembitz in Hebrew. Since I don't read Hebrew , iIt wasn't until I saw the translation via the internet, that I knew what it was .
My father did not like to talk about his family or growing up or the war. It was kind of taboo.
I'm sending you some photographs to add to your web site.
The 1st is a picture of my dad's family taken before the war. He is the boy on the far upper right. The 2nd is after the war circa 1946.
My father's name was Harry, or I guess they called him Henrich or Hersh Shuldenfrei, his father was Joel, mother Esther (Farber I'm not sure of spelling), brother Bernard or Efraim?, sisters Mina and Gertrude or Gusta. I see another name on your list that has a different spelling, but is close to Shuldenfrei, i.e. Shultenfrei?
Do you know if this is really the same name? I also see a Ferber, and was wandering if this was also the same as my grandmother's maiden name?

Thanks so much for your wonderful web site,

Robin Ellen Sheldon Farley