My wife's paternal family originates from present day Debica, Poland which used to be called Dembitz, which lies directly East of Krakow in Galicia, Poland.

Her great grandfather's paternal name was SCHNEPS also written SHNEPS & SCHNEPPS. The family members believe they are Sephardic and came from Spain, but this hasn't been proven.
Like so many marriages SCHNEPS was the name via the religious marriage but the government only recognized civil marriages and the early children bore the mother's maiden name of FISH. Later they had a civil ceremony and later children legally bore the father's name.

If any family listed in your research bear the names SCHNEPS or SHNEPS or the rare variation SCHEPPS or are FISH and come from Debica, please immediate contact me.
I would greatly appreciate receiving Chaim Shneps snail mail and/or his E-mail address.
If you don't know him but have and either the E-mail address or snail mail address for the Organization of Dembitz emigres, please send me that.
His family was in Dembitz until the end and he may not know that he has family both here and in Israel who left Dembitz between 1890 and 1920. The Schneps name variations are Shneps & Szneps. I'm also interested in Birnbaum in both Debica the town in that area as well as Geller in Mielec. Although I'm also researching Birnbaum in Krakow, this is a separate family related to me while the others are all on my wife's side.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and if I don't hear from you La Shanna Tovah.

Stephen A. Cohen

Fax: (516) 826-5056 (24 hrs)

PS: I am researching the following families:

BAUM:Germany/Bosen; EISENKRAMER & LEFEVRE, LEFEBVRE: Germany/Rhineland Palatine/Berlin/E Prussia; BASIST/BASSIST/BAKSZT/BAKECH /BASHIST:Belarus/Lida Dist; COHEN formerly SHEINHOUSE/SHEINHAUS/ SHEINHUEZ: Belarus/Radoshkovichi/Molodechno/ Smorgon/Lida Dist; BIRNBAUM/GOLDBERG/LEINKRAM: Poland/Krakow; GELLER:Poland/Mielec; KREINDLER: Poland; SCHNEPS/SHNEPS/SZNEPS: Poland/Debica formerly Dembitz/Tarnow