I am a Recht on my mother's die..probably from the Debica Rechts..but my family never talked much about Europe. I lived inisrael for 8 years and never knew there were any Recht connections there.
My Recht side of the family settled mainly in Barberton, Akron, and Cleveland OH, and in Pennsylvania, namely the areas of Pittsburg, Aliquipa, McKeesport and Mt. Lebanon. There were two different sides of Rechts, 3rd cousins and beyond, which intermarried with other Rechts.
I heard that some of the Rechts may have had another name prior to Recht and changed it to Recht. Do you know about that? Actually, I hope to be in Israel later in 2000.
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With all the work you are doing, you should be an honorary Recht.
My name is Charlotte Cohen; I live in Ohio. My mother's family were/are Rechts.
I am currently researching the whereabouts of my great-grandfather's grave. He died in 1932 in Israel and is buried somewhere. I found graves of other ancestors in Mt. Olive cemetery in Jerusalem, but not his. So, I'm still looking.
Take care and col tov!

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997

Shalom, Israel!

A large part of my interest has to do with my wife's ancestors.
My wife, Janet, is Jewish and her grandmother on her father's side emigrated from Debica.
The name of my wife's grandmother was Leah Recht (she changed it to Lillian when she came to the United States).
The following is some information on Leah:

Born: May 3, 1899 or 1901
Place of Birth: Debica, Poland
Death: January 2, 1984
Place of Death: Glenview, Illinois
Date of arrival in United States: October 12, 1920
Port of Entry: New York City, New York
Passenger ship that she arrived on: SS Nieuw Amsterdam
Port of Departure: Rotterdam, Holland
Date of marriage: April 14, 1924
Name of Husband: Julius Fischer
Name of Leah's father: Pinchus Recht (owner of a leather goods and shoes in Debica)
Name of Leah's mother: Perle
Names of Leah's siblings: Benjamin (brother); Rivkah? (sister); Adele (sister; she also emigrated to the United States); and another brother (name unknown)

Israel, I am interested in any information anyone may have about Leah's parents and siblings.
Also, I found in the back of the Debica Yizkor book a listing of Rechts: Shalom Recht (wife: Sarah; son: Label; son: David; daughter: Bracha); Moses Recht and his family; and Nathan Recht and his family.
I do not know the relationship of these people with Leah, but I would appreciate any information you or someone else may have about them.
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Thank you so much for your help and interest.
God bless you! Shalom!

Bruce Scott