July 31, 1996	12:30pm

Dear Israel,

Don Szumowski has forwarded your e-mail to me. 
My father was Bernard Precker, son of Nathan Precker
(Naftali Chaim, son of Yeuda Leibush), for whom I am named.

Nathan was born in Dembitz on 29 july 1880.
He came to New York and in the USA belonged to an organization called
''The Dembitzer Young Men's Society,"
a social group and burial society of people from that town.
Don has been discovering new information about our family tree -
- I had only dates for some relatlvesz births and deaths,
Don has uncovered details of their lives.
He has more Infonmation than I on Nathan's parents.
According to Nathan Precker`s naturalization papers, he became
a US citizen in December of 1924.

My brother Michael Precker is married to a sabra, Ruthie,
whose mother lives in Zahala Israel. I would be pleased to share any information that would be useful in
matching our family trees .
B'chol Tov, Natalie Precker Lampel 6522 Orange St Los Angeles CA 90048 USA