Dear Israel Preker,

I came accross your website while searching for information on a branch of my family.
The family name was not listed among those known to have come from Debica.
The name is Popiel. My great-grandmother, Chana Leah Popiel, was born there, probably around 1870 and left for NYC in the mid-1880s. Her father Shmuel Yussel Popiel was born and died there.
There are Popiels listed in the 1891 Galicia business directory, but from neighboring towns, not Debica (Mielic is one of them). Whether they are related or not, I don't know. It may well be the case that the entire family left the town in the 1880s.
If you know of any way I can pursue this, please let me know. I appreciate all the work you've done.

Warren Montag