Sat, 07 Mar 1998

Hi Israel,
I am researching my wife's maternal side of the family. They are the POLANER's from Debica. Her gfather's name was Moses POLANER. He was born in Debica in 1871. He became a citizen of the U.S.A.(along with his wife,Ella) in 1920. I don't know exactly when they came to the U.S.A. I have this POLANER listing in JGFF. My research number is 5395. If you would like more information, I have a little bit more. Thank You for your wonderful home page. I will be going through it very carefully, since I have almost no information on Debica.

March 13,1998

Hi Israel,
After talking with my mother-in-law, this past week-end(at her 62nd wedding anniversary party), I have come up with a few new things. I looked at the Dembitz Yizkor book, and it appears that Zalman and Israel POLANER were brothers. Also there is a strong possibility that Israel POLANER was the father of Moses POLANER(my wife's mgfather). Moses was born in Dembitz (1871- Feb. 9,1930). Moses married Elka MILLER-SCHORR at Paulizon Hall on The Lower East Side of N.Y.C. Paulizon Hall was a meeting place Labor Zionists. They had three children, one son, Mardy, and two daughters, Esther(my mother-in-law), and Sarah(married a GELLERMAN). This is a quote from Mardy(now deceased) about his father(Moses): "He was a knitter, bartender, an intellectual who never made it. He wanted to go to the University of Berlin, but couldn't get in because the 3% quota for Jews had been exceeded. He was too ashamed to go home so he went to the U.S.A. instead. There he met Elka MILLER-SCHORR. My mother-in-law is the sole survivor. Moses had a younger brother named Pincus and another brother, name unknown. Moses had cousins named WEISEN, one known, was Bernard. That's it for now.

Bruce W. Goldstein
Glen Rock, New Jersey; U.S.A.