March 13, 1996

Mr. Israel Preker
P.o. box 43276
Tel Aviv, Iarael 61430
Fax f: 011 972 3 6492413

Dear Mr. Preker:

I have no records as of yet on my wife's family, whose mother and father Molka & Pinehas Melik Eison came from Dembica(Dembitz) and another nearby town, whose name I can ' t recall at this time.

My mother-in-laws maiden name was Flame, but I doubt she will recall anything, because she was born in the United States and her brothers and sisters born in Europe are all dead.
I visited Dembitz and saw where the Jewish community once lived.
There are no Jews in the area now and the synagogue is used as a Shopping center.
The cemetery is there and the stones are piled high in disarray. Not a pleasant picture However, which I have not had a chance to do, there are recordstcivil records) of berths, deaths and marriages in the area.
There is a county seat so to speak not far from Dembiea where the city hall has many of these records.
There is also the provincial capital at Krakow which may have Archives on the Jews of Dembica.
You can also contact the International Red crosse at Arolsen in Germany as they have compiled all the records of the Concentrntion Camps if your grandfather died there during the 2nd world war. That, however is a tedious and long drawn out procedure.

I will return to Dembica and the area.
I am planning to be in Israel sometime, hopefully in the Fail of this year, as I have relatives that I have located, Jack & Alex Tolkin who are from South Africa and who now reside north of Tel Aviv with there families.
I have done extensive research on my father's family and have documented records back to the year, 1735 on the Tolkin's who eame from Lithuania. If I can do it there, It can be done in Dembica,and other places.
I am sorry I can't help you more, but I will keep your letter and if I locate some records when next I visit Poland, I will contact you.
If I get to Israel in the fall, perhaps we can meet.

Very truly yours,

Arnold R. Tolkln