Dear Israel,

It is good to know the Jewish topography of Debica (which literally means 'a place of oaks' in the Polish language), my hometown, but the plan itself has one fundamental fault, namely it is presented upside down.
You can trust me, because I know my town (and its available city plans) very well. You must have the Wisloka River in the north and Lysa Gora (The Bald Hill) in the south, the exit way to Ropczyce (and on to Rzeszow) to the east and the exit way to Pilzno (and on to Tarnow) to the west - that's how it is in reality.

As for the places in the legend of the plan, there are still most of them to be found in Debica today.
Especially interesting is the area of the Synagogue (marked #6 on the Sketch). The buildings of the Synagogue and Public Baths (#3) are still there.
Visitors may, for example, still find the Ghetto area (#15), Cinema (#13, today a furniture warehouse), Gestapo House (#20), today an old tenement house for sale, or the building which once was Jewish School and now is occupied by a Gypsy family (#27).
Unfortunately, you cannot find the Old Synagogue (#22) in the same area, that is Wielkopolska Street. According to Mr. Goldberg, it survived the war in a pretty good shape - as a stable or a warehouse - to be pulled down completely by Poles in 1945-1946 for bricks and wood...

Ireneusz Socha
Debica Poland