28 March 2000

Dear Mr. Preker
I have just started doing some research about my family's roots in Poloand. They came from a shetl near Dembitz. In any case, I thought you might be interested to know that My grandfather Solomon Klotz was president of the Dembitzers Y.M.B.S. in 1915 and was later the secretary of the organization. My grandfather is buried in the Dembitzer plot at Mt. Hebron Cemetary.
I have found in my mother's home a booklet from a banquet held in 1915 with a photograph of I believe all the members at that time. I also have papers and a record from the Dembitzer meetings . This record spans from 1919 to 1939. Included in the records are two sketches of what may be the then proposed entrance gate to the Dembitzer cemetary plot. As I clean out my mother's home (she is moving) if I find other things of interest I will let you know.
Finally, if you might have any information concerning the Klotz family in Dembitz I would be interested. I have found only the name of Aron Klotz (I believe my grandfather's brother) on a record of businesses in the town of Biecz in 1891.


Nancy Klotz