The following is all the information I have on the family of Jortner that was originally from Debica:
Abraham that I have no informtion about, Saul Jortner 1860-1913 and wife Caroline Wohl.
Children: Georgine died 1993, Salome died 1976, Hermione died 1994, Henry 1899-1975 married to Gilberte Cotten.
All their children are female and none of the husbands are from Galicia.
Thank you
Pat Jortner, Plano, Tx


My father Henry JORTNER was born in DEBICA in 1899. He died in Tunisia in 1975.
The information in your site are about my family .
Im 41 and I m living in Jerusalem.
Once I met a old man who s name was DEMBITSER. He was originaly from Dembica. He is living in Jerusalem too.

Elisheva Tobiass