October 15, 1996

Dear Mr. Preker ,
I have been researching my family roots and I recently had the
opportunity to view your home page on the internet while I was at
a friend's house (I do not have internet access)
My family also comes from Debica (although I grew up knowing
it as Dembitz, the Yiddish name). My great grandfather, Feival
Hand, was born there in 1842. He came to the US in 1902 or so, and
never returned to Dembitz. I do not know if there was other family
there but I have looked at a Yizkor Book for Dembitz that was
published in Tel Aviv in the 1960's and in the list of victims of
the Holocaust in Dembitz, there were two people named Hand. I must
assume that they were relatives.
In addition to Hand, it is also possible that my other great
grandfather, Moishe Seidenfeld, also came from Dembitz. My father
was not certain but insisted that the family came from Dembitz or nearby.
Peivel Hand, his wife and daughter (my grandmother) are buried
in New York in the Kolbeshever section of Mt. Hebron Cemetery. I
know that Kolbeshev is very close to Dembitz but I do not know why
they are buried in the Kolbeshever section instead of in a Dembitz
area. Was there any connection between the two towns?
By the way - I am an attorney at law, 45 years old and my
office address is:

126 Post Street, Sixth Floor,
San Francisco California 94108.


Marc Seidenfeld