(Looking for the criminal "bobick")
Sat, 15 Feb 1997


I am writing an article about the unusual wartime experiences of a family friend here in Chicago, named Morris Goldner.
He was born in a small village near Debica called Straczecim in about 1925.
Neither he (through services in Poland) nor I, using the internet, have found any family references (he was the lone survivor, except for an uncle).

But the information I seek is rather unusual. Among the many things that make Morris' story so extraordinary is that he survived by simply WALKING AWAY on two occassions after capture, and spent two years under the "protection" of a notorious criminal, hiding out in the woods near Debica, where he did the criminal's dirty work, including the killing and much explosives work against the Germans.
I am looking for the name of that criminal as part of my research on Morris' story. All Morris can remember is his first name -- Bobich (pronounced "bobick") -- and that the man's wife and kids lived somewhere in or around that area, probably Straczecim. The man (a Gentile) was wanted by the Poles, the Russians, and of course the Germans -- he was a thief, a killer, and a mercenary working with the Parisans against the Germans.

If you have come across any information about this man, or have any ideas where I might look without having a last name to go on, I'd be greatly appreciative.
Meanwhile, when I next meet with Goldner, I will ask if he remembers any of the names on your list. By the way, I am most impressed with your web site. I never expected to find anything like it.
Thanks for reading this, and best wishes to you and your family.

Larry Stillman