Date: May 23, 1999

I am interested in information regarding the Fett family.
My great grandfather from Debicia, Hersch Melech Fett, who is listed New York City Census through his son as a tailor.
My other great grand parents were Mordechai Goldeblatt and Fannie Schuss. I have no other information about them.
There are no other family members alive that I know of.
I have found my grandparents, parents and my generation. There are only four of my generation alive, so I am trying to find my European family.
They are: Hersh Melech Fett
Keshe Fett
Mordechai Goldblatt
Fanny (Feigle) Schuss
When my Fett grandparents arrived in New York, in 1887, my grandmother Golda was with her brother Hyman Goldblatt and Sarah.
I have no further information about them although I remember meeting them.
Golda also had a sister Baila who was a baker in New York. She married a Polish man whom I never met. Baila had two daughters here, Esther and Alice Drexler.
I also heard from a cousin in 1937 or 1938 who visited my uncle in NYC, who's name was William Fett. He left a suitcase with my uncle and, as far as I know, never returned for it. No one seems to know where the suitcase is. William Fett was from Munich and was a man's clothing manufacturer.

I have also found work papers written in Polish and German for my grandfather David Jay Fett. However it was issued to Jacob Davida Fetta in Debicy.
What I am looking for are dates of birth, deaths and, if possible, place of burial as well as my greatfather's siblings and children. I am primarily interested in Fett and the Golblatt families.
I would appreciate if you can tell me how to find information about the family of my fathers from Tarnow (Nowy Sacz), Grybow. Their names are:
Mendel Zorn
Hannah Rosett
Joseph Bein
Dina Gross
Mendel Zorn was a presser.
I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

Florine Levin

February 4, 1997

Dear Israel:

For this last year I have been working with the libararies and the archives and learned a great deal about my family here in the United States. Now comes the hard part -- that is to find out about my great-grandparents and their families. I have contacted the Polish government and learned nothing about births, deaths, marriages, locations of cemetaries and where there may be any records.
My mother's family is from Debica. My mother was Birdie Fett and she was born in the United States
in 1896. Her father was David Jacob Fett who left Debica in 1887. His parents were Hersh Malech Fett and Keshe Fett. Her mother was Golde Goldblatt Fett. Golda and David were married in New York City in 1887. Golda's parents were Mordechai Goldblatt and Feige Schuss.
David Fett died before I was born and I don't believe I met any of his relatives. I did meet GoldaS-brother Hyman Goldblatt (who came to US with her) and a sister named Beila who was a baker. I have tried to locate her two daughters, Esther and Alice Drexler but without much success.

Thank you for your help. I do appreciate your willingness to put information about my family in your home page.

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Flushing, New York 11354