My father's family is named Ferziger and the Ferzigers emigrated from Dembica in the late 1890s.
Particularly, Solomon (Zalman) Ferziger came to New York in around 1890, and his wife Hinde came over to New York in August of 1897.
Hinde's maiden name was Brandt. She was 32 years old at the time, and she came with her first four children, Rubin, Rivke, Beile, and Dworje. They were Jewish.
Solomon and Hinde were my great-grandparents.

I would be extremely interested in hearing from anyone with information about the Ferzigers and any of their other relatives from Dembica (or anywhere else). I have collected quite a bit of information about the Ferzigers, but nearly all of it is from the US - I have virtually no information from pre-immigration days.

Marsha Nagorsky