I had o family living in Debica prior to WWII. The majority were killed in the holocaust.

NAME: Yehuda Leib Fass
BORN: 1821
PLACE: Albigowa Poland (Galicia)
LIVED: Albigowa Poland (Galicia)
DIED: 1910, at age of 89, 25 Adar, not sure if Adar Rishon or Adar Sheni
OCCUPATION: started out with a grocery store and dry goods, he then became the secretary (schreiber) for the town where he lived, held position similar to that of Mayor

1(a) NAME: Fayga Fass (maiden name is Ruebenfeld (Nathan Beim's grandfather's sister)
PLACE: Debica, Galicia
LIVED: Albigowa, Poland (Galicia)
DIED: 22 Adar Rishon after her husband, Yehuda 8 days after Purim
OCCUPATION: housewife and mother
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