My grandparents came to the US from Dembitz before 1911.
My grandfather was Abraham Daar and his wife was Feiga Taffet. They had three children, whose descendents now number about 25. (If people are interested I can make a family tree.)
On the Taffet side, my cousin Mike (Isidore) survived the camps and came to the US after the war. He presently has a claim outstanding for the apartment building which was owned by his father before the war.

Other Daars I have contacted include Henry Daar of Chicago whose Grandparents also came from Dembitz, and Moishe Daar who was born in Dembitz, and grew up in France, escaped from France during the war and is now a psychiatrist residing in Switzerland. His daughter recently recently married a Swede who is taking the name Daar.
Judith Daar, Berkeley, CA USA

Sep 20, 2000

My father Irving (Oizerd) Daar and his family were born in Debica and lived there. On the death list from yivo I saw the name of his brother Feivel Daar and family. also in the family from there were Gewirtz and Wilner. Mendel Wilner was mentioned in an article from the Debica paper in the articles on the web.

I was wondering if there is any more mention of any of the Daar family from Poland. My grandfather Henich Gewirtz was born in Austria Hungary and in l9l4 he took his family of 6 children on a trip to Poland. They were caughtthere when the was started and escaped to london. I have a paper that says he went to the consulate an d that he was a Austrian citizen.
There are many Daar family members in the us but noone seems to know anything about the europeanmembers.
I would appreciate any help. If you need any more information, I can give you more names of Daars that were of the family in Poland.

Thank you.
Evelyn Daar Barenholtz