Date: December 12, 1999

Dear Mr. Preker,
Thank you very much for the homepage address;
It's very interesting for me to see Debica, as there was born the father of my great-uncle, Nachmann CZECHER, 1802-1870.
Sorry, I do not have more information.
Best regards from Vienna, Austria,
Andreas Inhofner

Searching for: NUSSBAUM, GUTTMANN, CZECHER, METANOMSKI from Brody, Galicia, now Ukraina; CZECHER from Debica, Galicia, now Poland; METANOMSKI from Boryslaw, Galicia, now Ukraina. Same names and KULKA, KORNFELD from Vienna, Austria, Switzerland, New York and White Plains, NY. HIRSCHHORN from Sambor, Galicia, now Ukraina, later Vienna and New York.