18 Nov 1996

Dear Israel,
I noticed that you have a Birnbaum in your family tree.
My grandfather Max Bierenbaum (most of his relatives spelled the name Birnbaum) was born in 1888 in Djikow, Poland. Djikow is on the Vistula River near Crakow. I understand that it has now become a port of Tarnobjeg.

When he came to the U.S. in 1894, he and his family lived in New York, originally on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His father's name was Yitzhak Birnbaum.

As a young man, my grandfather joined the Dembitzer Young Men's Benevolent Society, I believe because his town (Djikow) was near Dembitz (Debica). He remained a member of the Dembitzers until his death in 1977. I have my grandfather's Souvenir Journal of the Dembitzer's 60th Anniversary Banquet, held on May 1, 1960. Among the Dembitzer members listed in the Journal is H. Preker of 599 9th Ave., New York City.

I hope this has been of help. Please contact me if you have any information that might help me in my search for relatives.

Philip Belkin
Forest Hills, NY, USA