Billet (Zellerkraut)

My grandparents, Eliezer and Genendel (Zellerkraut) Billet were born in Dembica. I belive that my father, Sygmund Billet, was born there also (in 1906), as were his siblings. My mother was born nearby in 1912.
My father, Sygmund (Zellerkraut)Billet, came to Detroit, via Heidenheim Germany with my mother Bertha(Bronia) Jahre Billet and my brother Marvin Billet, my sister Lola Billet Greenberg, and I, Janet Billet Berman.
My father had 7 siblings; (phonetics) Mechel, Meshatshel, Yoineh, Tobey, Chaieh and Sheindel. I am not positive but I believe the other sibling was named Francis. Mechel, Meshatshel, Yoineh, Tobey, and Francis died during the Shoah . I would appreciate any information about them or their families.

Chaieh came to the United States prior to WWII and brought my family over after the Shoah. She has two children, Leonard Hammer and Rose Hammer Mark both of Oak Park, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit.
Sheindel married Meilech Beck and immigrated to Israel prior to the outbreak of WWII. Both have recently passed away and they had no children.
My father and my aunt, Chaieh Hammer have also passed away. My mother lives in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. My brother, Marvin Billet lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan a suburb of Detroit. My sister Lola Billet Greenberg lives in Plam City, Florida. I will be moving next week from California to Henderson, Nevada a suburb of Las Vegas.

Thank you very much for your site and memorial. It is magnificent that you have been able to find so many people who had family in that area and are looking for other relatives who survived the Shoah or perhaps have some information about their families.

Janet Billet Berman

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