Sun. 21 Jul 1996

Dear Mr. Preker:

My husband's father, William Augenbraun, was born in Debica 3/24/10.
He was the son of Hersch (Tzvi Hersch) Augenbraun and Clara (Chaya) Schipper.
Hersch Augenbraun was the son of Shlomo Augenbraun and Kayla (last name unknown).
Shlomo was the son of "Reute Yussel" (full name unknown).
This Yussel was, according to family legend, sent across the border by his family to escape conscription into the army.
His true origins are unknown, but he is the progenitor of all the Augenbrauns.
Clara Schipper was the daughter of Moshe Dov Schipper. Her twin sister Sandra (Shaindel) married Moshe Ber Schipper, a cousin.
He was the son of Chaim Schipper.
The family lived in Debica (Dembitz), Lancut, and other towns in the area.

My husband (Terry (Tevye Tzvi) Augenbraun) has a cousin Willie Russ who was born in Gniewczyna.
My husband's father, William (Ze ev) Augenbraun, was the youngest of eight children.
The others are: Max (Moshe Dov) who married Helen (Henche) Birnbach,
Jacob (Aharon Yaacov), who married Mollie Spielvogel,
Anna (Chana) who married Sam Goldfarb,
Sam (Shlomo) who married Tillie Feigenbaum,
Sol (Yehoshua) who married Jennie (last name unknown),
Leah (Ruchel Leah) who married Leib Russ,
Helen (Hinka), who married Joe Katz.

If you have any material pertaining to Augenbrauns, Schippers or any of the other names mentioned above, please let me know.

I wish you success in your search.

Hedy Augenbraun